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8 benefits of Whey protein

1) Increases strength and builds muscle

-Whey protein is the most efficient way to add protein to your diet without extra caloric intake from carbohydrates or fats. It typically contains 80-90% protein, which provides the body with what it needs to build strength and lean muscle, while rapidly improving recovery time.

2) Burns fat

-various studies published in the Journal of the American College examined the effect of whey protein, with and without resistance exercise, on body weight and body composition. Researchers found that adults supplementing with whey experienced significant decreases in body fat and body weight. The results were even more significant among adults who combined whey protein supplementation with resistance exercise.

3) Reduces cravings

-Whey protein seems to affect both ghrelin and leptin, two hormones that help regulate your appetite. Leptin primarily affects energy balance, which helps suppress food intake, while ghrelin regulates hunger and plays a role in meal initiation. These hormones work together to tell your body when it needs to eat. Studies show that in obese patients, the circulating levels of leptin are typically increased, whereas ghrelin levels are decreased. Whey helps balance out leptin and ghrelin secretion, thereby decreasing hunger cravings and helping you stop overeating

4) Stabilizes blood sugar levels

-Whey is able to stabilize blood sugar levels when it’s consumed right before meals with a high glycemic index. It stimulates the production of insulin and prevents dramatic spikes in blood sugar levels.

5) Improves energy

-Whey protein increases glycogen, which is a source of energy during exercise or heavy activity, and it enhances the effect of leptin, a hormone that affects energy balance. Plus, because whey is easily digested and accessed by the body, it is converted into energy quickly and can help naturally boost energy levels.

6) Boosts immunity

-Because whey protein promotes the synthesis of glutathione, it works to boost your immune system. Glutathione also boosts the efficacy of other antioxidants like vitamin C, CoQ10, ALA and vitamin E. Whey protein also contains a number of other proteins and vitamins, such as vitamin D, that positively affect immune function and demonstrate antimicrobial activity.

7) Improves heart health

-Studies show that whey protein promotes a reduction in blood pressure and arterial stiffness and improves lipid profiles. It works to reduce cardiovascular risk factors by protecting your muscles and helping you lose weight. Reductions in body weight reduces obesity-related problems like heart disease.

8) Extends life span

-Whey protein has been found to increase life span by reducing muscle wasting that’s associated with aging and increasing nutrient absorption without increasing hunger. This is important because as you age, you lose bone mass, cell function and your digestive function decreases. However, whey has been shown to reduce the loss in all of these areas, making it an incredible superfood that slows the aging process.

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