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Coach Ben

Born in Kalamazoo, MI, growing up as the 2nd youngest of six brothers and sisters, Ben often found himself doing his own thing, and often that meant being outside. He always went trail running, even getting his first gym membership at the age of fifteen.

His love of the outdoors and fitness eventually lead him to mountaineering and ice climbing. He developed some lofty goals, allowing him to summit some of the highest and most beautiful mountains in the world.

Ben always wanted to be a businessman, but fitness was his true passion. School just wasn't for him, so he quit when he was 18, and has been self-employed ever since.

He then started a construction company at the age of 19, and after five years of construction and growing from one crew to 6 he had enough. Completely burnt out, he went to stay with his entrepreneur brother in Los Angeles looking for the next project.

In 2004 when Ben returned to New Jersey, he had no job and no idea what to do. It was during that time that he stumbled upon a garage gym in Hackettstown, NJ. And reignited his fitness passion.

Fast forward over 10 years and Ben operates multiple gyms and fitness businesses.

He now focuses on delivering the core values and mission of the company and on helping people open their own gym.

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